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Cultivated Sound is a hybrid between a collective and label in Brooklyn, New York. We are focusing on showcasing artists locally and internationally. Our mission is constantly evolving as we strive to integrate programs with collaborators and residents. To cultivate music as sound and introduce new music breaking genres.

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Annika Wolfe

Annika Wolfe is an Oxnard, CA based, multi-genre producer with a concentration in Techno, Industrial and House.


Artist: Annika Wolfe
Title: Mind Game 
Album: 333 [GLR040]
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 22, 2022
Label: Galuben Records
Genre: Noise, Industrial, Techno 

The latest release by Glauben Records is Annika Wolfe’s EP 333 (GLR040). The trio of tracks by the California-based producer are heated dancefloor killers, a collection of acidic electro that demands attention. “The Art of Abduction Dark,'' the introductory track, holds a feverish energy as its high velocity catapults the EP into the atmospheric spaces of the club’s darkest corners. With domineering precision, Wolfe’s intent is made clear that their music is made for dancing.

“333,” a slightly less raucous track, focuses on the placement of sinewy synths as they swerve between the beat. Wolfe’s emphasis on the purity of rhythm—leaving space for each track to breathe—is the crucial element to the EP’s force. The builds, releases, and its layers that are intricately intertwined with one another leave no room for excess. 333’s final offering is “Mind Game,” an apt title for the electric track with its raw, undeniable inhibition as a melody runs over a grimy bassline. It's apparent that 333 is Wolfe’s most powerful yet: electro with a nasty groove, all dipped in a boiling vat of acid.


The release is out on digital and on January 22nd, 2022 
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Words by Mara Peralta