Hybrid label and collective, New York.

Cultivated Sound is a hybrid between a collective and label in Brooklyn, New York. We are focusing on showcasing artists locally and internationally. Our mission is constantly evolving as we strive to integrate programs with collaborators and residents. To cultivate music as sound and introduce new music breaking genres.

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Experiencia Numinosa Internet Radio [DJ Set]


Common Multiverse Initiative Festival - Amma Ateria [Live SET]

Common Multiverse Initiative Festival - Maŕa [DJ Set]
Common Multiverse Initiative Festival - Chamberlain Zhang [DJ Set]


New York experimental and techno artist, Maŕa shares a special mix dedicated to The Black Community, protestors and the activists. This mix is a tribute for #blacklivesmatter movement and for all our brothers and sisters we have lost due to police brutality and injustice. “I have experienced so much love and power these past few weeks protesting and this mix really showcases that energy and love.”- Mara

Chengdu Community Radio Special Guest Mix: Chamberlain Zhang




It was great to have Octonomy in the studio with us. She performed a live-set with few of her new tracks from her recent album Warhorse. Octonomy spans multiple genres; harsh noise to darkwave to industrial and techno. She uses found sounds, field recordings, voice, power tools, samples, noise, reverb and distortion sequenced through hardware synthesizers to create pulsing, rhythmic soundscapes. In addition to her sound design, songwriting and DJ work as Octonomy, she has done a number of commissioned sound pieces and longform ambient compositions for experiential spaces, performances and immersive installations, and has incorporated her soundscapes by way of utilizing various different responsive software and hardware-based technologies.


Max Gardner label founder of Bay Area’s Techno label Direct To Earth played a dj set for us at our Newtown Radio Residency last session. Next month will be Direct to Earth's 8 year anniversary,

Max has been been producing his own material for years. In 2018, he released his first EP “broken knifes and pinkies” on Bay Area imprint Excise.

CHAPERONE LIVE SET.Wednesday we had a special ambient electronic live set with Always Human Tapes homie and new friend Chaperone.

Chaperone is the ongoing audio project of Philadelphia native David Coccagna. Coccagna's work engages with the sociopolitical and cultural ramifications of poverty in Philadelphia, its violent tendencies, and finding a meditative respite from the ennui its harmful trajectory creates. Taking from traditions of ambient, hip hop, techno, and jazz, Chaperone records and tapes tend to be more collages of loops that induce the listener into an atmosphere more than musically traditional "songs" or "tunes." Coccagna has released material on Great Circles, Always Human Tapes, Bastakiya, and enmossed with a new dub tape set to be released this fall on enmossed and a double LP called "Emotion Hospice" from Dubai-based label Bedouin. Coccagna currently lives in Queens with his wife and 3 cats.

We had a great time with Charmaine Lee on Tuesday night! Conversation was heated! Charmaine and Chamberlain talked about improvisation, composition performance, creative process and living as an musician in general.

Charmaine Lee is a New York-based vocalist. Her music is predominantly improvised, favoring a uniquely personal approach to vocal expression concerned with spontaneity, playfulness, and risk-taking. Beyond extended vocal technique, Charmaine uses amplification, electroacoustic feedback, and microphones to augment and distort the voice. She has performed with leading improvisers Nate Wooley, id m theft able, and Joe Morris, and maintains ongoing collaborations with contemporaries Lester St. Louis, Conrad Tao, Zach Rowden, and Leila Bordreuil. She is currently an Artist in Residence at ISSUE Project Room (2019). As a composer, Charmaine has been commissioned by the Wet Ink Ensemble (2018), and Spektral Quartet (2018).



We will have our dear friend Løt.te playing a dj set for us. Løt.te is a Turkish-born artist, musician and designer. Cofounder of the art and design collective and record label Rote Production, through which he released experimental records and artwork. He has been producing and releasing techno, industrial and ambient music and performing live and dj globally. He released EPS on The Bunker NY, tape label Robert & Leopold and New York Trax. We had a memorable ambient performance with him at the lot radio 3 year anniversary.

Followed by  Maŕa.



We had Kamran Sadeghi playing a special dj set for us. Kamran is relentless with his fascination with music and sound, filled with genuine curiosity that allows him to embrace the unknown and to work within it, embracing new sounds to emerge. He introduces a world of hyper magnification, stillness, unexpected shifts, and sharp punctuations that play with an idea of drawing lines in space with sound. We are very excited to release this mix and introduce to you our friends Kamran, the tracks selected inspired him during his career and many new unreleased pieces from his new album Ritual Signal.

Followed by Chamberlain Zhang playing an experimental Dj set.



We have McCowen playing a special set on our new town radio residency.
His work focuses on extending sonic possibilities of clarinet family. John embraces long-form drones, different tones, and beating harmonics as means to extrude the dimensionality within - treating the clarinet as an acoustic synthesizer.

John was an original member of the Chicago avant-rock group, Wei Zhongle, where he performed on clarinet/electronics. His discography includes releases on Edition Wandelweiser, International Anthem, Astral Spirits, NNA Tapes, New Atlantis, and others. He has toured extensively throughout North America as well as trips to Europe and Asia. These performances/spaces include Le Guess Who Festival(NL), Norður og Niður Festival(IS), Hot Air Music Festival, Bowling Green New Music Festival, Supersonic Festival(ENG), Berkeley Art Museum(BAMPFA), The Stone, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, International Clarinet Festival 2014, and more. John was the 2017 artist-in-residence at Lijiang Studio in Yunnan, China. He received the Elizabeth Mills Crothers Award for music composition in 2016 from Mills College where he also received an MA in Music Composition.

Check out his work on his website.


Chamberlain Zhang in conversation with Soren Roi C: What is your concept behind this project?
S: There is no direct concept behind it. I started making electronic music after playing in bands. After putting a lot of energy in playing in groups, I feel protective to start making music on my own, which has ups and downs. Overall, I feel really comfortable making music on my own. C: How did you get into sound? Were you into sound as an instrumentalist then transform into making electronic music? S: I grow up mostly singing in punk bands, I felt a bit limited after a while. Goth music is the gateway for a lot of experimental music to me. I met Sara who is the bassist from my old band, she had played in many experimental projects. She is from Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a hub for a lot of unusual, weird musicians. After that, I started to go off with electronic music, incorporating synth and drum machines into my projects. C: How did you get into using this modular synthesizer? What do you think of this idea of Analog v.s. Digital in music making? S: Playing live is a lot of fun for me. I used to have a lot of fun producing music in the abelton and get into small details on how to produce a record but the way that the electricity and modular constantly going really moved me to a more traditional techno music realm because it powerfully creates these rhythms within itself. So when I play live, i try to create a mixture of set patterns and also weaves sequencers running in their own patterns. I have some set ideas, and mix together with different elements, and get a different variations of sounds. I think using a modular system has a lot of strong points. I love the flexibility of having a patch that I can use in million ways and I can take it from where it started to somewhere very far out. C: I really enjoy seeing you touching the sounds. Tell us about your future ideas you want to experiment with? S:The project black rain, we are doing some project at Issue Project Room with a video artist Philip Vanderhyden. C: New York is a very special place to a lot of creative people, of course Berlin and other cites. What do you think of living in New York as an artist and working as a musician? S: I am from New York, and grow up in New York. Right now I live in 538 Johnson Ave, it is a hub of creativity for me. Living with other creative people, we push and inspire each other everyday. In conversation with Adrian Rew
M: You do Moira which is at Sugar Hill. What is the concept behind Moira? A: Moira is a party I do with Craig and Maggie to gather friends and dance, once a month on Thurday at Sugar Hill. Next one will be 21st next Thursday from 10 to late.

M: I know you affiliated with Blank Forms. Would you tell us about it?
A: Blank Forms is a non-profit organization based in New York presents experimental music, performance art, time based work in a variety venue around the city. We also publish a journal and put out record.  We are bringing Onyx Ashanti from Detroit, who builds synthesizer, body-mod, and so on. I am going to be interviewing him for our journal next month. 


Jaclyn Kendall is a Hamilton-born producer and DJ first moved to Montréal to pursue graphic design, where she became acquainted with a like-minded community of makers. Having first cut her teeth on an electric keyboard from Walmart, she has always taught herself tools through computer fiddling. Her parallel graphic design practice bleeds into her music production, as both involve visualizing patterns and striving for a sense of symmetry. Kendall’s steadily growing reputation on the local front has seen her open for the likes of Schwefelgelb, Essaie pas and Orphx (the latter as TIN, a techno project she shares with musician Josh Korody). 2017 saw the release of Pressure Pulses, her debut EP on Toronto’s Summer Isle imprint, and she has recently curated a 30-track Palestinian charity music compilation entitled Never a Land Without People, with 100% of the proceeds donated to non-profit organization Adalah.

Chamberlain Zhang is a Chinese electronic musician, dj, improviser, poet and sound artist born in Beijing.

Coming from a background of experimental techno dj, he tells stories by manipulating sounds while performing and composing.
He is interested in exploring new possibilities in sounds, and new ways to experience sounds: music through sonic meditation, improvisation, composition, installation, electro-acoustic, and collaboration. For Chamberlain, space and future inspires drive and creativity.

Chamberlain’s music and poetry are highly based on the idea of transcendence, using sounds to describe things that are larger, approaching something, leaving something, being mentally affected by something, imagining and creating those and other scenarios. He explores sounds integrated with movement and spatiality, producing sonic architecture that remains.

Chamberlain had studied / performed with Maggi Payne, William Winant, Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, James Fei, and many other artists around the world. He received Frog Peak Collective Experimental Music Award for outstanding experimental music performance in 2018 from Mills College where he received his MFA in electronic music and recording media.

LIANE  ROSENTHAL With a particular interest in the limited capability of our senses to perceive reality, Liane Rosenthal seek to reveal the aesthetics of the world around us that we don’t sense with our tangible senses.

Through philosophical views and concrete form, her interest is in creating sounds that give their listener new modes of interaction and new ways of seeing familiar subjects.


Tayla Roberge (1990) is an experimental musician from the United States who performs & records under several monikers & collaborations. Most recently as Statues of Eden.

She began to perform live with a standing organ & a cassette answering machine. She has toured the U.S. with synths, violin, saxophone recordings, homemade electronics & varying other machines & sequencers.

Her work is ever evolving & inspired by harsh-noise, industrial landscapes, sound-collage, performance art, rhythm, piano, dark-ambience & improvisation. She incorporates field recordings & poetry over minimal pulses & cinematic soundscapes.