Hybrid label and collective, New York.

Cultivated Sound is a hybrid between a collective and label in Brooklyn, New York. We are focusing on showcasing artists locally and internationally. Our mission is constantly evolving as we strive to integrate programs with collaborators and residents. To cultivate music as sound and introduce new music breaking genres.

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[Live Set]

Text. Mara Peralta

CSS080 features S kulptor, a solo-electronic-frequency project by nyc-based ai creative technologist and producer ana roman. Generative sound design, far future-latin soundscapes, deconstructed duende lost in oscillating rhythms, emotional dynamics, and sounds of near-future promises broken - but not all of them. skulptor sparks a light in the dark with their own live sets - this one produced for cultivated sound lies witness to this in one take. Raw. Incidental. Gestural. Modular. Emotional. Lost. Then found.

Roughness that shines inside sharp, sound design fissures laden with crystalline frequencies - always a promise of bass, wrapped in the comfort of rhythms that yet still In sync with their own visual rhythms.

All songs performed in one take are from Skulptor’s forthcoming EP ‘Ultima Thule’ 

Skulptor, a solo-electronic-frequency project by nyc-based AI creative technologist and producer.






Can you tell us about your background, when, and why did you get into making music?

SKULPTOR: My Background is a mix of old world / new world. New Mexico, Spain, New York. I got into music at a very young age because I stopped speaking after a gymnastics accident - I broke both collar bones after a competition when I was 6 and was in shoulder braces and could not go to school, nothing. So I didn't speak for a year - not a word. I don't remember anything from that time except that when I healed a bit my family put me into piano lessons and It was like I came back from the dead.  At 14 I taught myself bass guitar, and from there just dancing flamenco. After followed an evolution of listening to composers and electronic music, industrial music, and a lot of modular synthesis sound design.

What was the first analog piece you purchased? Did that instrument shape how you produced music now?

SKULPTOR: I can't remember --- I think it was Roland Juno. It didn't shape how I wanted to produce music at all - all it did was teach me the basics of synthesis and that I knew I wanted to create my own sounds - just because I didn't like the sounds in the Juno very much.

We really appreciate the music you put out on the label Fokus Global. Can you tell us what's coming up next with the label?

SKULPTOR: For Fokus - I don't want to jinx it -- I'm superstitious about over-talking things until they happen, but now that I have a business partner and one of my best friends helping me all I can say is that there will be more to come. Speaking from the heart though, I hope to elevate more talent and highlight others who need it. Music is meant to be shared - I think we forget that sometimes. I also built that label/platform as a love-letter to those brave enough to want to release their works out into the world. Not as some clout nightlife flex. A huge part of our ethos is also risk-taking --- so with our own business we're building out a collective for emerging digital creators and digital fashion designers. Also, Virtual Concerts are huge for us -as most musicians are having a very hard time with bookings and getting their music showcased around the world.

What are some of your creative influences over the years?

SKULPTOR: Angelo Badalamenti, Suzanne Ciani, Quantum Physics, Space Time Continuums, AI, Solfeggio Frequencies, Brainwaves, the Schumman Resonance

Any upcoming projects and gigs that you are excited about?

SKULPTOR: Touring europe, Fashion film scores, more releases, more gallery shows Check out www.skulptor.space/ and ffm.bio/skulptor


Ultima Thule
FOKUS GLOBAL released November 4, 2022
Coremata 1 EP



Skulptor’s is an intensely hyper-future, emotionally aware, and highly immersive frequencies are inspired by an intense focus on insectile wing-beat frequency, biomimicry, natural cybernetics (mycology-fungi) perceived through the lens of a dreamlike atmosphere.

What remains is a visual GAN family created out of physical and psychological survival in the year 2020-2021 P.C. (pre/post covid). These familial coping mechanisms are NOT dystopian beacons - but lights in the dark synthesized and mechanized through the lens of data ai ethics, transhumanism, and the avatarization of the non-binary self.

Roman’s deep concern for their own neurodivergent diagnosis forced them to go deep into psilocybin therapy and explore new methods of sound expressionism. Spatial, generative, and organic-earth-tech sounds give way to rhythms inspired by conditions of over-progress, isolationism, and coded bias found in global surveillance.

Interview by Mara Peralta