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Cultivated Sound is a hybrid between a collective and label in Brooklyn, New York. We are focusing on showcasing artists locally and internationally. Our mission is constantly evolving as we strive to integrate programs with collaborators and residents. To cultivate music as sound and introduce new music breaking genres.

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CSS064: Rosa Anschutz 
DJ Set
Text. Chamberlain Zhang

This DJ set CSS064 from Rosa Anschütz crosses the boundaries of different music genres. Showcasing Rosa’s personal take on music that has been inspiring to her musical language.Rosa Anschütz is a transmedia artist, composer and vocalist based between Vienna and Berlin. In her music she is using various electronics and instruments digital and analogue. Her Debut EP “Rigid” is out now on Quiet Love Records. Rigid is a personal EP. It’s a patchwork made of daily notes, dreams, nightmares and loose ruminations on life – stitched together with analog synths and thick, cavernous reverbs. It’s also a great example of the type of music that humanises the sounds of machines, in many ways harking back to the beginning of electronica, although nothing outside of the actual feel is vintage here. The production is warm, fleshy, with carefully sculpted spaces. The vocals are mesmeric, oscillating between spoken word, singing and "voice as strings".  


We really enjoy the diversity of sound from this set. What are some of the ideas you experimented in this mix?

Rosa Anschütz: I am very enthusiastic about discovering new music,  which makes me spend long nights searching for new tracks. In this mix there are some pieces I got hooked on for a very long time and I sort of feel a connection with them,  sentimental and visual, because I had quite a few intense experiences with them.                                               
Where did you put it together, with what tools and what was your mood while you were selecting tracks?

Rosa Anschütz: I put the mixes together in my Ableton, It was a spontaneous arrangement that worked for me instantly. Half I did at home, one of the most important surroundings, I feel super comfortable and safe.  The other half on the plane back from Berlin to Vienna after I celebrated the release of “Rigid“ there.

What do you think of the communication between you and the listeners? What ideas do you wish to deliver?

Rosa Anschütz: A very broad array of different sounds but not with a sense of complete chaos. I wish for the listeners understanding and care .

Do you think of voice as an instrument? What does voice mean to you?

Rosa Anschütz: Yes, the voice is my instrument of choice.
Voice means for me to speak up for myself and also helps me to express things I couldn’t in any other way.

How did you start making music? How has your music developed since you started?

Rosa Anschütz: I started with singing very early. I also had some classical music education. Piano, traverse flute and other instruments. But as soon as someone taught me too much or pushed me in a certain direction I got completely blocked. Well, it’s not that this wouldn’t still be the case To work on my very own music, was when I stopped doing classes and got intuitive, that was my offset. The music developed a lot, because I enrich my equipment very often. The modular for example I got August 2018 and it became an important piece.


What do you think of the idea of improvisation in relation to composition?

Rosa Anschütz: That is how I write tracks, improvising and stitching together the drafts afterwards. Improvisation is a very free part, to arrange something makes me very nervous sometimes, because I would like to just keep on making music. But I am also very satisfied when a firm track is finished.


Rosa Anschütz Rosa Anschütz is a transmedia artist,
composer and vocalist based between Vienna and Berlin.

What are you thoughts on listening in relation to music making? Rosa Anschütz: What I am listening influences also what I am doing with my music, that’s why I try to have my mind open for a lot of different music styles.

Could you tell us about your new ep RIGID relaesed on quiet love records? Also updates on your recent tour?Rosa Anschütz: “RIGID” was until now a great journey and it’s not over yet. The 4 Tracks still absolutely make sense to me, combining the instrumental with the electronics and the voice. Showing off my rumination on life.
The more I present RIGID, the more it makes me feel very comfortable on stage, the nervousness before the show stays the same though.
We went on your website that uses Second Life as the main page, what do you think of the idea of identity in the digital/internet world?
Rosa Anschütz: The Second Life still is part of my music video for the track Rigid, I did this year in collaboration with Raphael Haider. I was thinking of the term the digital identity for a long time and also about the information you can deliver with an avatar in SL for example. We spent a month editing and filming in SL and after a short time I felt very comfortable in the game. Recognizing places, developing a very real orientation and also feeling for the avatars. I stopped returning to this world because you feel lost without company and the other strangers are a bit weird.                                                                     

Text.  Chamberlain Zhang