Cultivated Sound Session is back with a new set by Arthur Kimskii. We are very inspired by the stories he shared with us in this interview, Arthur has been an important figure from the underground techno reality in the US. He lived in NYC from 2002 till 2013 and then went to Berlin and worked at the Recordloft together with Jon Hester, Dj Richard, and Hinode. Arthur gave Answer Code Request his L.A.G. record with Cory James while he was working at Recordloft. Answer Code Request ended up playing “Hippie” at Berghain, Berlin was very exciting at that time for him and many friends and artists. We are humbled and happy to introduce CSS066

2019 has been a fruitful year for Arthur Kimskii. In May he launched the  Bi_Monthly  Sprüdel in his hometown of Washington D.C. hosting out of town guests such as Vincent Neumann, Young Male, Motiv-A, Andi (Synthicide), and Heidi Sabertooth along with some of the best dj’s and producers locally; such as Rush Plus, Juana, and Tommy Cornelis, Forthcoming dates include a direct support gig for Nina Kraviz. 

Prior to returning to the U.S. in December 2016 Kimskii spent 3 years in Berlin where he played storied venues such as About Blank, Griessmuehle, Ohm, Tresor, and Chalet and pushed forward his imprint L.A.G.  
From 2002 to 2013 Kimskii resided in NYC where after taking a hiatus from dj’ing he returned to the art form in 2009. He was involved with various events such as Tar & Feathered and was in a duo along with Cory James as Point Break. In 2012 L.A.G. was launched out of Brooklyn with Point Break’s Sidewalks E.P.

Since returning to the U.S. and landing back in D.C. Kimskii has played with the Sequence Crew (D.C.) several times,  New York , Miami, and Grand Rapids, Michigan and has an E.P. and another track on a V.A. released on Many Yuzovskaya’s Monday Off.

Forthcoming releases include tracks contributed to Jamaica Suk’s Gradient Sound , Sophia Saze’s Dusk & Haze as well as Mysteries of the Deep.  2020 will see the return of L.A.G. with Cory James’ return to the label as a solo artist.

RELEASE DATE 12072019.