Cultivated Sound Compilation, CSC001
"Special Interest Group"

Special Interest Group is the first compilation to be released on Cultivated Sound, featuring tracks from both experimental artists, ambient, and dance music artists locally in New York and internationally.

This compilation expands the dynamic range of electronic music by incorporating a variety of sounds from ambient, electronic to electro-acoustics to noise to house and techno.

“Special Interest Group” represents a post-utopian vision on forming a community of artists that narrates the experience of traveling to an imaginary reality, sharing a collective interest in expanding the listener's perception of sound by experimenting and advancing sound from machines and acoustic instruments, inputting information, creating an environment to learn, collaborate, reflect, and address ideas to each other. This compilation showcases Cultivated Sound’s aesthetic and pursue in sound, also is a tribute to the place that can be inhabited but is nevertheless a mirage.

A limited version of 100 copies will be released as a special art edition in collaboration with PASP, releasing both physically and digitally on October 26th.

The three tape album is mastered by Ryan Wurst, featuring artwork and photography by Tayla Roberge

CSC001 Release Event at Bossa Nova Civic Club with Hiroko Yamamura & Frankie Bones

Artwork and design by Tayla Roberge
Produced by Cultivated Sound