Cultivated Sound was formed in 2014 as an underground music events faction and event production team. It develops bonds with fans and attendees that wish to experience an augmented reality along with their urge to not just go out, but go out hard. People that don’t wish for drinks and dancing but an all out epiphany-inducing experience. This is accomplished by exploring the underbelly of what freaks come out at night, what strange beings free to exhibit behavior that may make some blush, set to the soundtrack of fiends thrashing and systems pushed to their limit. This creates the richest depth of flavor for the hedonistic and crass.


Founder Maŕa leads with the principle that fresh sounds always move people most. That always featuring deeper and deeper cuts would deliver others into an endless supply of love and obsessive delights. Her style is aggressive in a manor that lives in an ingestible sappy sweetness and infects heads with a floor wisdom. She began promoting a deserving few, with the first C.S. events, who showed promise and would later go on to play prominent roles in the techno-sphere overall. She herself was later introduced as someone to watch with driving performances from the beginning of her career and not slowing down since.


RTMC initially came to help propel the Cultivated Sound project and establish it in Brooklyn, NY with fellow artists and friends. His sound as a DJ or Live machine musician exhibits different flavors and depths. He teases with teeth destroying bouts, as well as adventures into the dreamlike fervor. Eventually contributing to the curation and artistic direction of the pair, and as the original resident then encouraging Maŕa to join as Cultivated’s other full time resident. Pushing each other’s performance and productions the pair perform separately as well as on select occasions together as Cultivated Sound.